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We have the satisfaction of working together with enterprising, independent, smart and inspirational clients. Providing a little assistance in order for them to achieve their goals is the reason why we exist. Every aspect of our company, from employment to communication with clients is a carefully planned and improved system that serves for achieving of the top quality financial and accounting solutions. CAPITALIA is more than an accounting agency, we are consultants, tax advisors, software experts, lawyers, designers and, of course, service providers.

We understand that the value of a man cannot be presented with a CV. We are interested in learning more about who you are instead of where you worked previously.

We would like you to be a person that brings in new ideas and your own way of thinking. You can expect everyday challenges, but in return we expect you to make challenges for others, ask difficult questions, confront old ideas and find solutions for complex problems.

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    We are trying to change the way things are functioning, which is not always easy. We believe that everything can be improved with the creativity, passion and dedicated work. Join us!