About us

We are an online accounting agency! We desire to contribute to the improvement of the business of our clients and the business community.


We are focused on making a difference for clients, colleagues and the business community in which we live and operate.

We help companies, independent businesses (entrepreneurs and sole proprietorships), associations and foundations to improve their business by providing necessary and effective advice in the field of finance and accounting. Bookkeeping, salary calculation, taxes and other accounting tasks are an integral part of our service.

We employ finance and accounting experts who are dedicated to their work. A high level of courtesy and professionalism guarantees a quality service adapted to the needs of clients.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to improve the business of our clients by providing the highest quality financial and accounting services.

We believe in the ability and quality of our people. We can provide services at the highest level and compete with the world competition. We are constantly learning, exchanging opinions, working hard, adapting, researching and using the latest technologies. CAPITALIA helps in running and improving business!

Our team

Our team of economists works hard to solve complex problems that arise in doing business. Accounting is a universal sore point for all entrepreneurs and we are trying to change that.