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A fast-growing business needs a clear view of the future. Our team of experienced accountants, tax advisors and managers will help you manage the greater complexity of your business. We will further help and empower your teams. Hire our CFO!

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Some of our services:

Based on the results of the analysis and assessment, we present the best opportunities to clients and propose activities to improve business. All processes and analyzes are adapted to each client and their way of doing business.

Capitalia's consulting team consists of...

The Capitalia team consists of a network of experts that we hire depending on the specifics of the task. Expert knowledge from various fields gives us the ability to propose solutions and predict trends. We provide innovative and customized solutions to achieve sustainable results of the highest quality, thus demonstrating that our team is dedicated to fulfilling the set goals.


We managed to improve the way we do business!

"Given that Magacin Kabare is an association that was founded in 2011, it was extremely necessary for us from the very beginning to work with a very professional, accurate and precise accounting agency such as Capitalia LLC. Thanks to their professionalism and a very young and professional team, in a relatively short period, we managed to improve and facilitate the way we do business, as well as to act in accordance with legal procedures.

In any case, we are very grateful to the entire team of Capitalia LLC for their support and cooperation, and we warmly recommend them to all those who want to improve their business in an efficient and professional manner."

Zana Marjanović
President of the Association "Magacin Kabare"

You can be certain!

"Capitalia LLC is an accounting agency that quickly and uniquely follows our needs and requirements. Considering that we are a company with an international reputation, we need flexibility, reliability, professionalism and precision, as well as timely information about all current changes in the functioning of the company on foreign markets and legal compliance.

You can be completely certain in choosing CAPITALIA ACCOUNTING as your business partner."

Fethi Silajdžić
Enova LLC, director

Price list of consulting services

If you are not satisfied with our service within the first three months, we guarantee a refund with no further questions asked.




Basic service

*First hour free with accounting

Basic service includes

  • Consulting and communication in the regular business of clients with a monthly contract.
  • A dedicated team of experienced and expert business advisors, assistance in daily operations, compliance with regulations, communication with tax institutions, banks, and investors, planning and monitoring of financial operations.



Hire an expert

to take care of your finances!

Additional requests

  • Hiring an expert, specific requirements, and tax consulting!
  • Engagement of an expert to take care of your finances, presentation of finances to potential investors, communication with the bank, engagement of a certified accountant with a valid license, engagement of a lawyer, and engagement of an authorized auditor.



Upon request

For users without a monthly contract

Consultation on request

  • Advising users who do not have a monthly contract!
  • Preparation of studies on transfer pricing, assistance in the appeals procedure, preparation of tax opinions, acquisitions and valuation of investments

*VAT is not included in the price.

CAPITALIA LLC meets the prescribed conditions for providing accounting services and is registered in the public Register of Legal Entities of the Federal Ministry of Finance.