Establishment of a company

Are you starting a company and do not know where to start? Whether to establish a business or an LLC?

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Are you wondering how to set up a company, establish a sole proprietorship or an LLC, what kind of documents do you need, how long do you have to wait for the preparation of the documents and what are the deadlines that oblige you to complete all the procedures and not have a problem with the Tax administration?

Accounting agency Capitalia has the answer. Leave the establishment of the company to us.

We will help you choose the form of business best shaped for your needs and your current business phase

These are all the questions that could influence for the legal subject that you will establish. The company establishment service includes consulting on the selection of a suitable legal entity, as well as recommendations for all needs when establishing a business.

We will provide you with expert consultation when choosing a tax model, an appropriate method of fiscalization and choosing an accounting program, we will create the necessary documentation in accordance with the regulations, we will implement the registration process.

Why leave the whole process to the professionals?

The establishing of the company can be a long process, full of stress because of waiting procedures. Our team helps entrepreneuers to establish a company in various industries. With the help of expert advices and consultations, we will come to the fastest and the most profitable way for establishing your company.

You make the decision, we take the procedure upon us!

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We managed to improve the way we do business!

"Given that Magacin Kabare is an association that was founded in 2011, it was extremely necessary for us from the very beginning to work with a very professional, accurate and precise accounting agency such as Capitalia LLC. Thanks to their professionalism and a very young and professional team, in a relatively short period, we managed to improve and facilitate the way we do business, as well as to act in accordance with legal procedures.

In any case, we are very grateful to the entire team of Capitalia LLC for their support and cooperation, and we warmly recommend them to all those who want to improve their business in an efficient and professional manner."

Zana Marjanović
President of the Association "Magacin Kabare"

You can be certain!

"Capitalia LLC is an accounting agency that quickly and uniquely follows our needs and requirements. Considering that we are a company with an international reputation, we need flexibility, reliability, professionalism and precision, as well as timely information about all current changes in the functioning of the company on foreign markets and legal compliance.

You can be completely certain in choosing CAPITALIA ACCOUNTING as your business partner."

Fethi Silajdžić
Enova LLC, director

Price list of accounting services

If you are not satisfied with our service within the first three months, we guarantee a refund with no further questions asked.

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Accounting services for sole proprietorship

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Accounting services for associations and foundations

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