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We offer carefully tailored services for freelancers in BiH, leave all documentation, taxes and care to us!

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Are you freelancing, but do not know how to deal with legal obligations and regulations?

No need to panic! We are sure that you carry out your freelancing work professionally and without errors, but that organizing and dealing with paperwork, taxes and regulations are a problem and take time.

We are tax advisors for freelancers in BiH

We have been on the market for many years and very successfully cooperate with more than 150 clients.

In accordance with the legal framework, we have carefully tailored a package of services for all freelancers.


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"Professional, accommodating and reliable. Capitalia is an ideal combination of youth and experience. Highly recommended."

Edin Hamzić

We managed to improve the way we do business!

"Given that Magacin Kabare is an association that was founded in 2011, it was extremely necessary for us from the very beginning to work with a very professional, accurate and precise accounting agency such as Capitalia LLC. Thanks to their professionalism and a very young and professional team, in a relatively short period, we managed to improve and facilitate the way we do business, as well as to act in accordance with legal procedures.

In any case, we are very grateful to the entire team of Capitalia LLC for their support and cooperation, and we warmly recommend them to all those who want to improve their business in an efficient and professional manner."

Zana Marjanović
President of the Association "Magacin Kabare"
Do you want to avoid tax violations and possible fines?


Do I have to deliver the documents in person or can I send them electronically?

You can submit documents electronically, and archive the originals with you. You will be able to view all submitted documents on your computer or phone. ...

You say that we can have all documents scanned and on every device, how and how much does it cost?

Our service also includes the use of Cloud business software that allows each client to review all their documents and reports from a remote location. ...