Frequently asked questions

What is the CAPITALIA info system?

In order to provide better service, CAPITALIA created an info business system. We will regularly and up-to-date inform all users about current events, tax obligations and other business topics through social networks and the website, with the aim of making it easier to understand and manage a small business.

In cooperation with experts from certain fields, we prepare workshops, manuals, instructions, checklists and Excel tables, with the aim of improving your business.

Is it possible for you to submit all tax statements?

Yes, our standard service includes the submission of all tax statements and statistical forms. Also, when it comes to tax statements, we regularly check whether payments have been made in accordance with the submitted statements.

Can you recommend invoicing software?

Of course, the software we offer as part of our service will allow you to invoice your customers in a very simple way, print fiscal invoices and track payments.

Do I have to deliver the documents in person or can I send them electronically?

You can submit documents electronically, and archive the originals with you. You will be able to view all submitted documents on your computer or phone. Also, you will be able to control the up-to-dateness of postings and use various useful financial reports. We will help you organize the delivery of documentation and archiving.

Who can engage in the business of providing accounting services?

If the legal entity has not provided its own accounting system, it can entrust the said work to another legal entity or an entrepreneur who employs a certified and licensed accountant registered in the FMF register of qualified persons.

A certified accountant is a person who holds a certificate issued by a professional body (Union of Accountants, Auditors and Financial Workers of FBiH) (http://www.srr-fbih.org/bo/clanstvo.asp).
A certified accountant provides a valid license, which is issued for a certain period of time, if it meets the requirements of KPE-Continuing professional education (attendance at congresses and symposiums, professional seminars, lectures, work in technical committees, subscription to professional journals, etc.)

A legal entity that provides accounting services must also be registered in the Register of qualified legal entities of the FMF http://www.fmf.gov.ba/v2/knjigovodstvene.php).

Is it a problem to change the accounting agency?

No, you can change agency at any time. On the agreed date, the former agency stops working, closes the entries and submits the documentation. The new agency continues to enter newly arrived documents and enters initial balances.

What is your job and how much does it cost?

Our job is to record all business changes that happen in the company and make various tax and accounting reports. In brief, these are the following monthly activities:

The prices for all our services are determined by a price list that starts from the minimum price for a particular activity, and later, depending on the number of employees and business risk, the final price is determined. Upon request, we can specify and offer you a price.

Why do I need an accounting agency?
Will I have a contact person to call from Capitalia?

Yes, you will get a Relationship Manager, who will be in charge of managing the business relationship and communication. In addition to the RM, there is a service delivery team in the background consisting of a Senior, Junior and Team Leader in charge of work organization, control and tax consulting.

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