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Reduce tax stress! Being compliant with tax regulations, which change frequently, is a complex task. Leave it to us to follow the deadlines and prepare and submit your tax returns.

CAPITALIA tax service includes:

Taxes and accounting, a common combination?

Capitalia has a solution for your business!

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You can be certain!

"Capitalia LLC is an accounting agency that quickly and uniquely follows our needs and requirements. Considering that we are a company with an international reputation, we need flexibility, reliability, professionalism and precision, as well as timely information about all current changes in the functioning of the company on foreign markets and legal compliance.

You can be completely certain in choosing CAPITALIA ACCOUNTING as your business partner."

Fethi Silajdžić
Enova LLC, director

All recommendations!

5 years ago, we hired the Capitalia agency to manage our accounting and we have significantly improved the quality and reliability of that segment of the CPI foundation's business thanks to quality services and reliable advice that are always available to us. All recommendations!

Zoran Ivančić
President of the CPI Foundation

Price list of tax services

If you are not satisfied with our service within the first three months, we guarantee a refund with no further questions asked.



in the price of monthly accounting services

Basic services

Everything a startup and small business needs monthly

The service includes

  • A dedicated team of tax advisors
  • Optimal organization of tax records
  • Monitoring of tax incentives and benefits
  • Annual tax balance with associated forms


KM/per month

Business growth

An additional volume of business!

It additionally includes one of the options

  • Package for the VAT system
    - up to 60 invoices per month or
  • Withholding tax package
    - 2 tax statements per month or
  • Package for inspection supervision and legal changes or
  • Transfer pricing package or
  • Tax Opinion Package



Special requests

Advanced service for advanced business!

Intended for clients who do not have a monthly contract

  • Engagement and cooperation with lawyers and additional experts
  • A study on transfer pricing

*VAT is not included in the price.

CAPITALIA LLC meets the prescribed conditions for providing accounting services and is registered in the public Register of Legal Entities of the Federal Ministry of Finance.