Why would I need an accounting agency?

Key reasons are:

  • All legal entities are obliged by law to establish an accounting system that would register all business transactions and provide reports on business operations required by the state, the management and other users.
  • Financial statements of a legal entity must be certified by a signature and stamp of a certified and licensed accountant.
  • Hiring an accounting agency is much cheaper than forming one’s own accounting department.
  • Monitoring of regulations from the field of taxes and implementation of frequent legal amendments is quite an exhausting task for any company.

What is your job and how much does it cost?

Our job is to register all business changes that occur in a company and make different tax and accounting reports. In brief, those are the following monthly activities: bookkeeping processing of documents, account assignment and accounting treatment, keeping of Incoming Invoices Ledger and Outgoing Invoices Ledger, filing of value-added tax returns, submission of tax return to the Indirect Taxation Authority, calculation of salary with prescribed forms and payment orders, submission of tax returns with payment of salaries to the Tax Administration, drafting of financial statements, business and tax consulting.

The prices for all our services are defined in our price-list, starting with the minimum price for an individual activity, and consequently the final price is determined depending on the number of employees and business risks. We can specify and offer you a price on request.

Is it a problem to change an accounting agency?

No, you can change your accounting agency at any time. At an agreed date the old agency stops working, finalizes accounts and submits documentation. A new agency continues registering new documents and starts entering initial balances.

Who can work on providing of accounting services?

If a legal entity has not established its own accounting system, it can entrust this task to another legal entity or entrepreneur that employs a certified and licensed accountant.

A certified accountant is a person certified by a professional body (Union of Accountants, Auditors, and Financial Workers of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina – http://www.srr-fbih.org/bo/clanstvo.asp)

A certified accountant possesses a valid license, issued for a certain period of time, if he/she fulfills the requirements of Continuous Professional Education (attendance at congresses and symposiums, expert seminars, lectures, work in technical committees, subscription to professional magazines, etc.)

Do I have to submit my documentation in person or can I send it by e-mail?

You can send us your documents by e-mail and keep the originals in your archive. You will be able to review all submitted documents on your computer or smartphone. Also, you will be able to control accounting treatment updating and use different useful financial statements.

Is there a simpler method for invoicing than Word?

Of course, the software that we offer as part of our services will enable you in a very simple way to send invoices to your clients, print fiscal receipts and monitor payments.

Is there a possibility that you file all tax returns?

Yes, our standard services include filing of all tax returns and statistical forms. In addition, when it comes to tax returns. We regularly control whether payments are made in accordance with filed returns.

You say that we can have all documents scanned and on various devices, how is that achieved and how much does that cost?

Our services include the use of Cloud business software that enables each client to review its documents, reports, statements, cash registers, etc. from remote locations

The price is formed on basis of a monthly rent and most of the times it ranges from 30 KM to 80 KM per month.

What is CAPITALIA info-system?

With the goal of providing of more quality services, CAPITALIA created its new info-system. Through this system, we will be regularly informing all registered users about all legal amendments and offer useful information about taxes, accounting and other topics.

This service is FREE-OF-CHARGE.