Capitalia Training Center invites you for cooperation in the form of organization of coaching seminars or workshops on a topic that you see as necessary, with the goal of strengthening the potentials of your employees. Coaching is an area of learning and development and presents a novelty, while the principle of work is interactive. Through practical activities, coaching trainees identify what they should continue doing, what they should do differently, as well as what they should stop doing. One of the advantages of coaching for a company/organization is the continuous improvement of effectiveness of employees and the culture of learning itself.


Each topic is customized to your needs, while you are also free to propose a topic yourself. Coaching on a particular topic can be organized in the form of a workshop, lasting 2-2.5 hours, or a seminar, lasting 5 hours. Coaching in the form of workshops, depending on the topic, includes two or three workshops. Team coaching is organized in company’s premises or other location that you may decide on.


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